Failed IT Projects is our first Projects delivering source

We have already received dozens of requests from FIP to find alternative ways to help their clients. This was in the form of second opinions and Proof of Concepts (or Value). Next step is to really roll-out one of these alternatives as a turn key project. More »

Business Owners try our services

DevCrowd will put you, the business owner, in the center and create whatever business functionality is needed. We will bring you the Success you need to proceed with your business. More »

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We are grateful for your trust and will enroll you in DevCrowd and award you with a lifetime discount coupon of 75% on your membership fees and commission rates. This contribution is also the payment of your first year membership. More »



DevCrowd is a new venture and we are creating a platform where knowledge, business and innovation will meet the best and most innovative B2B solutions providers.

These Solution providers will  enable companies to use IT for business and create business value through rolling out turn key projects, proof of concepts, proof of value and 2nd opinions. Our platform will be easy to work with, because it is very intuitive and we provide clear guidelines and services to a successful project delivery. Our commission structure is open and fair.

This will encourage business owners / solution providers to use our platform as often as possible with low risk & cost and high value to their business.